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- Tortialla Española (A traditional Spanish tapa with cured ham or chorizo, thinly sliced potatoes, onions and peppers, and eggs. This warm, comforting dish is not only fun to make, but is traditionally festive!)

- Paella Mixta (a rich rice-based dish made with peppers, green olives, chicken, chorizo, serrano ham, mussels, and jumbo shrimp)

- Handmade Fruit Empanadas (with a cookie crust, MADE IN CLASS!)

Spain, like all of the other European countries, has many varied cuisines based on its geography. Tonight, we will focus on the coastline for one of Spain's most famous dishes - Paella! With its overflowing seafood and crunchy rice, who could not love it? While we were in France, we spent some time with a family originally from Spain. On Sunday, the grandmother of the huge family spent all day stirring with an oar this massive, dug in the ground, pit of Paella. She was making enough Paella for her family of 50+. The rice was soft, yet crunchy. The shrimp, as large as lobsters. The mussels were fanning and waving. The smell of saffron was permeating the air. And now she brings back this recipe to you!

Dinner Party classes are more social in nature, though you'll still learn how to cook and prepare awesome food! You get to work in groups, allowing for plenty of time to cook, eat, drink, and meet new friends. The class is hands-on, with each cooking station getting to make every dish unless the dessert is something requiring preparation ahead.

We're BYOB, but we have great wine and unique beers for sale - some you can't find anywhere else in Houston! There is no corking fee if you choose to bring your beverage(s) of choice. We provide aprons, bottled water, wine glasses, water/beer glasses, ice, and bottle openers. Come hungry because there is plenty of food!

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Review class 8-1-19


Overall very good. Each cooking station has room for 4 people.
So you have a choice: Go as a couple and meet 2 new people or go as a foursome and cook with friends.
Oscar Lopez was our "cocinero". Very professional and encouraging.

Have cooked Tortilla Española and Paella before. Oscar explained a few tips that were helpful with these two classic dishes.


Approximately 3 hours


This class cannot accommodate diets with any restrictions.

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If you would like to enroll a teenager in one of our classes, a parent or guardian must be in attendance with him/her. He/she may ONLY attend baking classes, cooking fundamentals classes, and Saturday morning or afternoon classes.

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