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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Date Night/Social Classes


What does Date Night/Social Classes mean?

Click here for a video of our classes.  Date Night/Social classes are offered on some Thursday evenings and on all Friday and Saturday evenings unless we are booked for a private event.  They are also typically three our four-course meals and everyone works in teams of up to four persons.  Most of these classes are majority couples who attend, but by no means are others excluded (you can still have your Girl's Night out!)  However, due to these classes' popularity, some require purchasing the seats in pairs.  This is due to our stations holding four persons and thus requiring even numbers.  Thank you for understanding.

Being a cooking school, we, of course, give great instruction and details about what we are doing.  But, we also know that this is a time you want to spend with your loved one(s) or maybe get to know others in town.  We make sure we allow for this socializing in class after all cooking is supposed to be fun!


What does "per couple" mean?

 When classes are priced "per couple", that means the price you see on the schedule covers two persons.  Due to our tables seating four persons at a time, we require this in our busiest class times.


How do I know how far down the waitlist I am?  What are my chances if I'm on the waitlist?

 When you join the waitlist for a class, you will be able to see this from within your account.  You will not see your ranking on the list because that's not how our list works.  When someone cancels themselves out of a class, a blast email is sent out to EVERYONE on the list at once.  After this, it is "first to come, first to serve" as to who gets to register for the seat(s).  If you go to the schedule page and it still says zero for available seats, then that means someone else has already gotten the seat(s). 

If it is more than 3 days before the class, your chances can be quite good that someone will need to cancel and you will be able to take over their seats.  If it is less than 3 days, the odds are a bit slimmer because of our cancelation policy.  However, it is still possible that something will open up, so it's best to sign up for the waitlist, especially if you live close by and can get to our facility quickly.  


How long are your classes?

 The answer is, it depends on the class.  From within the class description, please click on FAQ for the class itself to know the exact duration of the class.  Typically, though, most classes last 2.5 to 3 hours.


Do you offer gift certificates? Are they mailed?

Yes, we do offer gift certificates!  We recommend purchasing gift certificates rather than buying a seat directly on the calendar for someone. Often people have things that come up or their schedule doesn't always work for the class you have chosen for them. Thus, canceling a class is complicated and has to involve you in the process. It's always safest to get them the gift certificates as they never expire and are easy to use.  For Date Night classes it is recommended to buy two $79 GCs to be equivalent to $158.  Click here to purchase them.

No need to wait to receive your Gift Certificate in the mail or make your way through traffic to drop by to pick them up. You can print directly from your account or from the email sent to you after purchase. Simply include the name of the person on the Gift Certificate, then print it on nice card stock or maybe even get it laminated for that special touch. It’s that easy! 

Gift Certificates are always available on our website, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Sorry, we do not mail hard copies.


What are the age restrictions?

At this time, only 18 and up are allowed to attend our Date Night/Social classes unless they are offered on Saturday mornings or afternoons.


Do I need to bring anything special with me to these classes?

Well Done Cooking Classes' kitchen has all of the latest appliances, cookware, and utensils, so there will be nothing necessary to bring. All we ask is that you wear closed toe shoes for your own safety, and comfortable, but not loose, clothing.  Well Done provides all of the necessary food items to conduct the class. You will be able to see and print recipes from within your account 48 hours prior to the scheduled class. It is not necessary to bring them unless you would like to take notes. Guests are welcome to bring to-go containers as there are often leftovers. Simply bring yourself and your willingness to have fun and learn. We have wine, beer, and sodas available for sale. We have bottled water free of charge, wine and beer glasses, corkscrews, ice, and aprons.


What's included in your cooking class?

Well Done Cooking Classes will provide the best ingredients, digital recipes, and instruction. Some class materials will be available for purchase, like our wine glasses, cutting boards, or nifty aprons. There will always be plenty of food to eat, so come hungry and bring to-go containers. We have great wine and beer for sale from all over the world that is guaranteed to match the courses in your cooking class. Alternatively, all of our classes are BYOB and we do not charge a corking fee. We have bottled water available free of charge and also soft drinks for sale. Finally, we have bottle openers, corkscrews, and ice available for use as well.


How much do your cooking classes cost?

For the most up to date price and to understand how much the majority of our classes cost, it’s best to look at our Class Schedule. We also offer Gift Certificates at varying prices that reflect the current cost of our classes on our schedule. Many of our classes cost no more than a decent dinner out, some even less. Pricing is based on the length of a class, more popular dates, and the type of ingredients involved in the class. More expensive cuts of meat or seafood tend to cost more but produce a better meal and experience.


When will you post your new calendar?

We try to post new schedules on the first Monday of every month. It’s best to join our Newsletter to be notified as soon as possible when a new schedule comes out to ensure the first choice.


How do I register for classes?

Whether you are purchasing a class for yourself for the first time or using Gift Certificates someone very awesome gave you, you must Create an Account first to register for a class. After creating your account, go to the Class Schedule page and choose a class that interests you and works with your schedule, then click "Sign Me Up."


Are these classes hands-on or is it demonstration only?

Well Done is adamant about getting our clients involved in the process. Other than when we need to demonstrate a technique, you are the chefs for the night! We feel it's the best way to learn and retain what we're teaching you. We hope that you will be using what you've learned in our classes for years to come. Everyone works in groups of up to four people at your own cooking station.  Learning in a group environment is always best and we think we have the best set up in town for this.


Do you offer multiple class discounts? Or large group discounts?

Well Done is lucky to have great customers who come back every month for one, two, sometimes more classes! This is why we offer our Cooking Club Membership! It's a great deal for our "frequent flyers".  Sorry, we do not offer bulk pricing for groups in any single public class. Often we can fill our classes with enough individuals that it is not necessary for us to offer discounts.


What if I have food allergies?

Please note this when you sign up for classes during the check out process. We will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs, but please be advised that if you sign up for a class in which the main ingredient is what you are allergic to or is not what you like, (Ex. You are allergic to gluten and you sign up for a Bread Making class) it will be nearly impossible for us to change things. If you are especially concerned about your allergies, it is best to call us at (832) 782-3518 to talk about them well before the class.

We try to mark classes with special symbols denoted if it is friendly to special diets.  Currently, we have "Gluten Free", "No Pork", and "Vegetarian-Friendly".  If you see these symbols or see these terms in the FAQ section for a class, then it is easily adaptable to these restrictions.  If not, then the class if very difficult to change.


How much food do I get to eat in class (should I come hungry)?

Well Done knows that working with food makes one hungry! That's why we like to make sure there's plenty of food available for everyone to try. In our cooking classes, tasting is always encouraged. So, yes, come hungry! Most classes involve an appetizer or something you make that you can eat within the first 45 minutes of the class. All of the main meals are typically ready within 2 to 2 1/2 hours into the class. 


What about alcohol?

Well Done Cooking Classes offers an awesome wine and beer menu that compliments are menus perfectly! Some classes will feature a wine or beer pairing with each course available for $25 extra. Alternatively, you can bring in your own wine or beer with no corking fee. We have free bottled water and soft drinks available for purchase.


What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 72-hour cancellation policy for our public classes and there are NO EXCEPTIONS. If you cannot attend and you are within the 72-hour window before the class, you are more than welcome to send someone else in your place. You do not need to contact us when you send someone else in your place. If no one can come in your place, you will forfeit your seat completely.

If the class is full and we have persons on the waiting list, we may be able to notify those on the waiting list to take your place. Please note that the closer to the class time you contact us, the harder it will be for us to fill that seat through our waiting list. We are under no obligation to get your seats filled, should we fail to do so.

We do not issue refunds, only credits towards other classes. Thus, if you do cancel 72 hours before the class, your credits are stored in your account for you to use during checkout at a later date more convenient for you. These credits never expire.