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About Our Date Night/Social Cooking Classes

We have two types of public cooking classes for our guests. First, we have social/date night cooking classes that generally involve one of our "Three Course Dinner", "Dinner Party", or "Specialty Class" themes that are offered usually on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. These classes typically have three to four courses and are more social in nature, in that you have time to get to know your date and/or your cooking partners while making and eating great food. You will work in groups of up to four persons and cook everything on the menu, except sometimes dessert.

Our second type of public classes is our Fundamentals of Cooking and Baking classes. These classes are far more serious in nature and technicality, but still fun. These classes are for folks who really want to learn the art of cooking and baking. We also offer a Culinary Certificate Program upon completion once you take all the classes in Fundamentals series. We have been recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation as a Quality Program. Participants in the program are able to utilize their certificate as a springboard into the culinary industry or as one of the main requirements to obtain the Certified Culinarian® (CC®). These classes are typically offered on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday mornings and afternoons. You will again work in groups of up to four persons and make everything on the menu.

There will always be plenty of food to eat, so come hungry. We have a fantastic beer and wine selection to choose from or you can BYOB. We also offer wine and/or beer tastings with each course available for an additional fee. We have wine and beer glasses, bottle openers, ice, and bottled water available for everyone to use.

We really try to please, so if a special diet is something we can incorporate in any of our classes, we will be happy to try and accommodate. Please be sure to call (832) 782-3518 or email us at help@welldonecc.com telling us your dietary constraints and we will make a note in our roster for that date. You can also mark special diets or allergies during the check out process.

Well Done is adamant about getting our clients involved in the process. We feel it's the best way to learn and retain what we're teaching you. We hope that you will be using what you've learned in our classes for years to come.

Well Done's Executive Chef is Michelle Morris and she teaches some classes and develops the curriculum for our classes. Jamie Niland is our Lead Instructor and develops are specialized classes such as Paleo and Vegan classes. Oscar Perez is an instructor who specializes in our popular Sushi classes. Both teach most all of our cuisine based classes.