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Our Story

November 2011 Houston Chronicle

One day we had a customer asked if we would to have an article written about us. "Sure," was our answer. "What publication?" "Well, I work for the Houston Chronicle," she said, " and I think that I could pitch your story to the food editor." We were so excited! It would be so cool to get a neat little article somewhere on page three or four. We could be able to say hey, we were in the Chronicle, the newspaper for the fourth largest city in the country. It would be such an honor.

The article was even better than we could imagine. We featured prominently on the front page in a huge article calling us "Home School Chefs". Our phone started ringing off the hook and again our web site blew up. We were sent many congratulatory notes...one from Mr. Fertita himself. Wow, he knew who we were!

Also, the timing of the article couldn't have been better. It was released just after Thanksgiving and we sold more gift certificates then that in our entire history. Our future just got brighter and brighter.