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- Crunch Spicy Shrimp Roll - Inside Out

- Fiesta Roll

- Vegetarian Roll

- Dessert Roll

Welcome to This is How We Roll 2.0! We've added new Sushi rolls to the class which are sure to expand your sushi rolling skills and satisfy your taste buds.

Sushi...so many people love it, but we all seem to think of it as being a mystery to make - not to mention how quickly the price tag at a good sushi bar can add up. We take the mystery out of rolling your own. 

Dinner Party classes are more social in nature, though you'll still learning how to cook and prepare awesome food! You get to work in groups, allowing for plenty of time to cook, eat, drink, and meet new friends. The class is hands-on, with each cooking station getting to make every dish, unless the dessert is something requiring preparation ahead.

We're BYOB, but we have great wine and unique beers for sale - some you can't find anywhere else in Houston! There is no corking fee if you choose to bring your beverage(s) of choice.

We provide aprons, bottled water, wine glasses, water/beer glasses, ice, and bottle openers. Come hungry because there is plenty of food!