fbpx Summer Cooking Camp - "Around the World" - Jul 20-24 | Well Done Cooking Classes
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- Day One: Tex Mex (learn how to make fresh guacamole, roasted tomato salsa, chicken fajitas, and churros)

- Day Two: That's Amore! (learn to make alfredo sauce, pasta, spaghetti and meatballs, and red velvet cupcakes...YUMM!)

- Day Three: A Day in Greece (learn to make grilled chicken skewers, Greek salad, hummus, white rice pilaf, and Cherry Garcia Ice Cream!)

- Day Four: Lunch in the Southwest (learn how to make chili con queso, smoked chicken enchiladas, black beans with cilantro and lime, Mexican rice, and Tres Leches)

- Day Five: Cupcake Kids! (learn to bake and decorate 4 different seasonal flavor cupcakes)

Welcome to Well Done Cooking Classes Summer Cooking Camps! In these camps, we focus on technique, taste, and fundamentals of cooking to allow our junior chefs to flex their culinary muscles. This is a 5-day Summer Cooking Camp that is progressive and looks to build upon each participants previous day learning. While the summer camp is progressive in nature, each class is designed to enhance the technique of the student to increase their knowledge of general kitchen terms and skills. Release your little inner chef! The cost of the program covers all five days. Each class lasts approximately 4 hours doing prep and clean up with the kiddos. Well Done Cooking Classes seeks to offer kids something fun, exciting, and educational to do in Houston. We are proud of our junior chefs and want to help them make the best of their Houston summer! Kids cooking classes in Houston done right. Come cook with us!