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- Introduction to Farm & Topics

- Age & Topic Appropriate Activities

- Q & A with Farmers

- Food Distribution

- Food Deserts

- Nutrition

In partnership with Finca Tres Robles, Well Done Cooking Classes is happy to offer a Farm Encounters experience at Houston's local urban farm. This class is a part of our Homeschool Field Trip series which includes:

Day 1: Technique Basics 

  • Lecture about moist vs dry cooking methods, what marinades do, and kitchen equipment (pressure cooker vs instant pot, blow torch, cast iron pans, tinfoil vs parchment)

  • Short interactive lesson about Maillard Reaction/Browning vs Caramelizing/Sauteing

  • Take a trip to Connie Seafood Market & purchase Salmon & Scallops

  • Execute Braised Short Ribs, Marinated Pork In Apricot Sauce, Southern Fried Chicken, Traeger Grill-Smoked Salmon, Pan Seared Scallops


Day 2: Veggies, Herbs & Spices

  • Lecture about the health benefits of Veggies, Herbs & Spices

  • A short lesson about growing herbs indoors

  • Take a trip to Granet Spice Market

  • Execute Ratatouille, Fennel & Tomatoes, Fettuccine al Funghi & Thai Curry


Day 3: Nutrition/Food Distribution/Other topics


  • Lecture about a relative topic

  • Take a trip to Finca Tres Robles


Day 4: Eggs

  • Lecture about Eggs, what are they, how to cook them, eggs in different cultures/applications, History of eggs

  • Short interactive food science experiment (either green eggs or isolating egg whites with rubbing alcohol - cant be eaten but a really fun experiment!)

  • Execute Poached Eggs, Tortilla Espagnole, Ham & Cheese Crepes, Chocolate Souffle


Day 5: Baking 101 

  • Lecture about baking; fats, sweeteners, salt, eggs, moisture, leavening agents, flours, the science behind the chemical reactions happening 

  • Short interactive microwave cake experiment (leave out ingredients and see the difference)

  • Execute pizza, cookies, banana bread and cinnamon rolls