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Our Story

September 2009...TLC calls

We were just chugging along in our little business, making ends meet by doing odd jobs as we got the business going. It soon became clear Celeste was gonna need more help teaching classes, so Kathryn started culinary school at Houston Community College (HCC). Little did we know that soon our little cooking class business would be busier than our wildest dreams thanks to our first 15 minutes of fame!

The producers of TLC's The Little Couple found us on the web and asked us to conduct a cooking class for them to highlight the struggles the tiny couple has with cooking in conventional kitchens. They also wanted to prepare some Thanksgiving fare that would remind them of home near New York. We shifted our class down to the community kitchen of the apartment complex so we'd have plenty of room. The apartment managers were kind enough to let us do that. It was a great success!

The Arnolds were so gracious and sweet. Jen had just come off a 24 hour shift as Neonatologist at Texas Children's Hospital. Somehow, she still had energy for a cooking class and insisted on washing dishes. The producers had to beg her to stop because the noise from the water was overpowering the mics! Meanwhile, Bill kept us laughing with his wit and charm. They are every bit as kind and sweet as they seem on TV. We wish them well and hope to see them again.

Our episode aired in January of 2010. Our little web site could barely keep up with the traffic. We were being asked to open locations all over the country. Soon, our episode was being viewed all over the world. Our classes went from having one or two people to having eight to ten Tuesday - Friday evenings and twice on Saturdays.