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Our Story

October 2013 Kickstarter

The townhouse has been great. But, it sure would be nice to have just a little more room to move. Oh, and ventilation would be cool. You know breathing without coughing from smoke inhalation and relying on opening the doors and letting the Houston heat in would be nice! For our customers, the townhouse this cool little secret they had. They felt like they were having a dinner party at a friend's house. It was something very special to them and to us.

But, since we were leasing, the landlord was interested in selling now that the real estate market began to turn around . We also knew that we had and an even grander vision for cooking school. Moveable cooking stations that had everything you needed built right into them. A still warm and welcoming environment to celebrate those special anniversaries and birthdays.

Alas, a food business requires a lot of money and to meet strict building code requirements. We saved a lot, but we needed just a little more help. So we decided to try a campaign on Kickstarter. We promoted the new facility. Gave away classes and wine glasses as thank you gifts. We begged and pleaded. And...we just made our goal. We needed just over $65,000 to be able to keep our funds from the campaign and we made it in the last hour. It was a nail biter until the end. But, once again our wonderful customers came through for us. Our customers are family and come back to see us again and again. We learn about their weddings, the birth of their first child (which keeps them away from a cooking class for a while for some reason), a breakup (:-/), or a move. It's great to hear the stories of folks making new friends. Eventually being in each others' weddings. First dates that end up being the one forever. And one of our favorites, being their for a memorable proposal. Our clients are family. They believe in us and always support us. That's why the Kickstarter campaign was a success. Thank you for making our dreams come true!